Secure, efficient, and free online accounts

Sumeria provides you with all kinds of accounts for free, from personal accounts for day-to-day expenses to budget accounts for better money management and joint accounts. Opened in minutes, they secure your money and even yield interest.

Les comptes Sumeria, rémunérés à 4 %
Le compte courant Sumeria, rémunéré à 4 %

Current account with 4% interest

A full-fledged French online account that will make you forget about your current bank. It can be credited and debited instantly – so you always know where you stand – and all the money you deposit earns 4% interest from day one. Interests are paid out every month, net of tax.

As with all French banks, your money is covered by the FGDR fund guarantee, up to €100,000.

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Le compte partagé Sumeria

Shared account

An account to share with whoever you want. For couples, to manage a joint budget. Flat-shares, to simplify accounts. Or for groupes of friends to collect money and keep track of holiday expenses.

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Les comptes budget de Sumeria

Budgeting accounts

Accounts to help you prepare, organize and keep track of your various budgets by simply paying for each expense with the appropriate account. Even handier than paper envelopes for reaching savings objectives and financing projects. An exclusivity in France.

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Other bank accounts

You would like to keep your current bank account with your other bank? You can connect all your accounts and monitor them right in Sumeria.

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