The account that will make you forget your bank

A 4% interest-bearing current account with an IBAN and a payment card for easy use and management of all your money.

L'app Sumeria

Do you have any questions about the Sumeria current account?

What banking services does the Sumeria current account offer?

The Sumeria current account comes with a no-fee Visa card abroad, an IBAN to manage all your direct debits and receive your salary, contactless mobile payment for amounts over €50, and virtual cards for secure online payments.

How much does the Sumeria current account earn?

The annual rate of 4% is applied to the amount that was present in all the customer’s Sumeria accounts (current account, joint account, envelopes) and for a maximum total amount of €100,000. For each day of the previous month, the rate is applied if the customer has reached the minimum number of Sumeria card transactions in the month (15 transactions per month).

Are transfers instantaneous with the Sumeria current account?

Yes, transfers are instantaneous and free by default.

Is the money deposited in a Sumeria current account protected?

The funds are protected, as required by regulations, in an account opened with BNP Paribas. These funds are covered by a deposit guarantee of €100,000 per customer, provided by the Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et des Résolutions.