Our vision


We simplify banking
to make life easier for our users.


Doing more with less

We design everyday financial services
accessible from an intuitive
from an intuitive mobile application
complexity and slowness of the banking system.
banking system.

They can be used to complement or replace
bank accounts.

They include customer service provided by
people for whom it really matters.


We move the lines

We relentlessly hunt down the slowness, rigidity, archaism and all those pesky things that banks have imposed on us over the years.

We combine rigorous design with the best in mobile technology to make them disappear from our daily lives.

Our products and functionalities are designed to be easy to use, because there are better things to do with your time than trying to understand the intricacies of banking IT systems.


We give meaning back

Our aim is to place emotion and clarity at the heart of every function, so that banking finally becomes a personalized service for everyone.

We strive to be…

Good people, but they don’t take no for an answer.

European and proud of it.

Sincerely concerned by what we do.

Agile, but thoughtful and demanding.

Creative and ambitious, but pragmatic.

Adept at frugality.

Aware that simplicity is achieved by mastering complexity, not by reducing it.

Those who won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear, but who will always tell you the truth.

We want to create something that matters

And we know that the best victories are often the hardest to achieve.

We’re not afraid to undo what we’ve struggled to build the day before, if it means we can do even better.