Who we are

We launched Lydia in 2013 with one goal in mind: to be able to pay for everything simply, quickly and securely with something you always have with you, your phone.

Today, with Sumeria, we are focused on creating a simple and accessible banking super-app to allow everyone to receive, spend and manage their money with one app, anywhere in Europe.

Sumeria is the result of a team of passionate people who are working hard to change lines and develop mobile banking to accompany Europe in its transition to a cashless society. Demanding men and women, focused on finding the best legal, technical and design options to create the best banking super-application in the world.

We are convinced that technology (cloud, mobile, …) is not an end in itself, but a way to simplify life, through everyday details. This is also how we see the current account: it should not be a trendy gadget, and above all, it should not make you captive to an application, a system, a bank… It should solve a real problem. This is why Lydia’s choices, with Sumeria, are motivated by common sense and its ambition to be universal: for everyone, for everything.

The name Lydia comes from the kingdom of Lydia (Lydia in Greek, part of present-day Turkey) where the first coins were minted in the 7th century BC. Coins made of electrum, a natural alloy of gold and silver abundant in the river Pactolus, which made the kingdom rich. The last and most famous king of Lydia was none other than Croesus. Pactolus and Croesus are terms that have passed into posterity and are commonly used to signify wealth. The choice of the name Lydia is therefore a symbolic nod to the most modern payment technology in the history of money.

General Management

Cyril Chiche

Daphné Barthelet
Vice General Manager

Antoine Porte
General Manager

Executive committee

  • Philippe Algranti, Chief Human Resources Officer

Our investors

Our bank partners

Thanks to our leading bank partners, we are able to provide you with the highest level of security. To support us, we have chosen :

  • Monext and Checkout, for bank cards and payment procedures.
  • Marqeta, for issuing Lydia VISA cards.
  • Budget Insight and Tink, for the connections with banks that allow account aggregation and the initiation of transfers.
  • Floa for express loans.