Sumeria+ is a unique assisted savings programme designed to help you grow virtous savings habits and save up seamlessly.

Le programme d'aide à l'épargne Sumeria+
L'aide à l'épargne Sumeria+

Help for your savings

Saving up isn’t always easy. Without a clear goal and some guidance, one can easily give up.

With Sumeria+, identify your “major project”, the one that inspires you, makes you dream and will keep you motivate you on the long run. Then, we will gently help you achieve it.

Rounding up to the nearest euro, recaps of the saved up money, an interface that guides and encourages you, dedicated customer service… With Sumeria+, you couldn’t be better off save up seamlessly.

Le service client dédié Sumeria+

A Sumeria+ advisor

An advisor is on standby to answer any questions you may have about the Sumeria+ programme. They will help you better understand (and use) all the features available to you.

Les comptes budget Sumeria

Financial management tools

Expense monitoring charts, budgeting accounts to organize your expenses, categorization of your expenses, widgets to check your balance at any time without even having to open the app…

With Sumeria+, enjoy simple yet innovative tools to better track and organize your expenses, and gain financial freedom in the process.

All at a preferential price

€4.90 / per month
Save €9.80 with an annual subscription
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