Easy-to-read account statements (at last)

Simplified interface, real-time balance updates, AI-corrected transaction labels, advanced search field… With Sumeria, find all your payments in an instant and take back control over your money.


L'historique des paiements dans Sumeria
Reçu de paiement détaillé

Understand your payments right away

The title of each payment is corrected and simplified by AI, so you’ll know at a glance what each transaction corresponds to.

You can also customize it with your own text, add an invoice and even a photo.

Un champ de recherche détaillé

Find past payments easily

No more unreadable account statements. Thanks to the detailed search field, you can easily find all your payments thanks to advanced filters (which day, which card, which account, which type of payment…), with no time limit.

Mise à jour instantanée du solde

Everything is instant

Account balances, payment receipts, account statements and transaction history searches are all instant and update in real time.

No unpleasant surprises: you know exactly what’s happening on all your Sumeria accounts, at all times.

Les paiements à venir sont mis en avant

We notify you of upcoming payments

Subscriptions, direct debits, monthly instalments… With Sumeria, you are warned in advance of upcoming payments.

They are clearly highlighted in your payment history.

Les paiements récurrents à valider en un clic

We remind you of what you owe

Automate all your payments with recurring transactions. Simply set up the recurring payment(s) of your choice, and you’ll be alerted when it’s time.

Then wrap things up by validating the wire transfer or the transaction in one single tap.

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