The shared account by Sumeria

With the Sumeria shared account, you can simplify expense management for your couple, flat-share or group of friends. It opens as quickly as it closes, in 2 minutes and free of charge.

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Do you have any questions about the Sumeria shared account?

How do I open a Sumeria shared account?

The account is opened in less than 2 minutes, with no documents to sign or appointments to make with the banker, directly in the app. You can credit it immediately and share the cost of shopping or rent.

Does the Sumeria shared account have an IBAN?

Yes, the joint account does have a dedicated IBAN for simple management of all SEPA transfers and direct debits.

How many participants can there be in the Sumeria shared account?

Up to 10 people can share a Sumeria joint account. With a single click, invite a new participant and assign them specific rights (spend, withdraw, view account balance). Each beneficiary of the shared account can have his or her own Sumeria payment card and use the money in the account independently.

How can I monitor money flows into my Sumeria shared account?

The amount, time and location of payments and withdrawals are recorded in the application and can be accessed at any time.