Mobile payment, everywhere, in total safety

Sumeria isn’t just a physical Visa card. It’s also the ability to pay online and in-store, simply and securely with your smartphone, thanks to the mobile payment card.

Les cartes paiement mobile Sumeria

Do you have any questions about the Sumeria mobile payment card?

How to use the Sumeria mobile payment card?

All you have to do is create your virtual card, in just a few moments and free of charge, and add it to your wallet. You can then pay for your purchases using contactless mobile payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

How to pay with contactless mobile payment?

To pay in-store with the Sumeria mobile payment card, simply place your smartphone on the merchant’s payment terminal after activating your card. A beep will sound after a few seconds, indicating that the payment has been validated.

Is contactless mobile payment secure?

Yes, thanks to biometric identification (fingerprint, facial recognition), this means of payment is even more secure than contactless payment by bankcard.

Are there any limits on the amount I can pay with my contactless mobile payment card?

The maximum amount for contactless payment by phone is around €300. However, as this is a more secure method of payment than contactless payment by bank card, you can pay for purchases over €50.

Can I use contactless mobile payment before I receive my physical Sumeria card?

Yes, that’s one of its main advantages! You can use the money in your Sumeria balance as soon as you open your account.