What are Sumeria's offers?
• The classic card (free of charge) is a payment card accepted globally by retailers and ATMs, whatever the currency.

• The black card is a premium card with extended limits, insurances, concierge service and telephone appointments with our advisers.

• The Sumeria+ offer is a unique assisted savings programme designed to help you grow virtous savings habits and save up seamlessly.

Can I get a Sumeria card for free?
Yes you can. Whether you already have a Lydia card or not, your new Sumeria card will be sent to you for free upon request. For that, tap "See all my cards" on the card holder and then on the "+" icon at the top right hand corner of the screen and let us guide you!

NB: your Lydia card will remain operational until its expiry date.

What does Sumeria+ include?
It gives you access to a range of tools to help you manage your budget and save up:

• Creating "Project" and "Budget" accounts

• Setting up recurring transfers to reach your objectives

• Rounding up to the nearest euro

• Expenses analysis for each of your accounts

A dedicated advisor will also help you manage your budget and save up; available by email and phone appointment.

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How can I change my offer if I already have one?
You can opt for a new Sumeria offer with extra fee due to you commitment period.

In the case of an annual subscription, we will refund you for the months you paid for but did not use; in the case of a monthly subscription, we will refund you for the ongoing month.

To change your offer, head to the "Profile & settings" screen and tap "Sumeria offers".

I have an old offer, is it still active?
Yes it is. Your offer is still active and you have 2 choices:

• You can either keep your Lydia offer until the commitment period ends

• Or you can switch to the new Sumeria offers.