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Create free single-use virtual card numbers for secure online shopping, so your main card’s information remains safe.

Les cartes virtuelles Sumeria

Do you have any questions about Sumeria virtual cards?

What is a Sumeria virtual card?

Virtual cards are digital cards with different numbers from those on your physical card, enabling you to pay securely online without revealing your bank details.

How to obtain a Sumeria virtual card?

The virtual card is generated in two clicks, with its number, validity date and 3-digit cryptogram, directly in the application.

How do I use the Sumeria virtual card when making an online purchase?

Simply create the card in a few moments and copy/paste the virtual card information into the online merchant’s payment form. After payment, the virtual card self-destructs.

Can I configure a Sumeria virtual card?

You can rename your virtual card, block it, unblock it instantly and generate a new one whenever you like.

Can I pay for a subscription online with my Sumeria card?

Yes, it’s possible. All you have to do is create a virtual card and define the duration of your choice.