Pay and reimburse instantly, without RIB or cash withdrawal

No need to withdraw money to pay someone or get reimbursed: a telephone number is all you need. Transfers are secure, immediate and guaranteed. IBAN transfers are instantaneous and free of charge.

L'app Sumeria

Do you have any questions about instant transfers with Sumeria?

How to make an instant transfer with Sumeria?

To pay someone, all you have to do is enter the recipient’s phone number and the amount to be sent. The recipient receives the money instantly and securely into their Sumeria, Lydia or bank account. It is also possible to make a transfer in the more traditional way, by entering the recipient’s IBAN.

Does the recipient need to have a Sumeria or Lydia account to receive the transfer?

If the recipient of a transfer via the telephone number does not have a Sumeria or Lydia account, he or she will instantly receive an SMS or e-mail containing a link. All they have to do is click on this link to open a secure page from which they can request the transfer to their bank account.

What are the other advantages of instant transfers with Sumeria?

Whether it’s paying or being reimbursed on a regular basis (pocket money, rent or bill contributions…), the steps involved can be tedious and repetitive. With Sumeria, you can set up automatic recurring payments and requests in a matter of moments.