How does my current account yield interests?
From May 1 to August 31, 2024, your Sumeria current account will earn you 4% annually, then 2%, provided you make 15 card payments a month.

Remuneration is paid out automatically into your main account in the second half of the following month.

Remuneration is calculated daily based on the total balance of your accounts.

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Can I still send money to my friends or create a money pot with Sumeria?
Yes, you absolutely can!

To send money, tap the double-arrow icon on the home screen of the mobile app.

To create a money pot, tap "+ New account" at the top of mobile app home screen.

Do the trading, concierge and cashback services still exist?
Trading and concierge services are still available. As for the cashback service, it's only available for former Lydia offers.