Does Lydia still exist?
Yes it does. And it's back to what it first was: a simple app focused on money pots and payments with friends.

Why has Lydia changed?
Lydia Solutions aims to become a European leader in deposit accounts. To achieve this, it has launched a new application and brand -Sumeria-, to provide you with a comprehensive yet easy way of managing your money.

As for the Lydia application, it is now focusing on its historical services: money pots and payments with friends.

This change clarifies our offering with a single objective: making your money management a breeze!

What is the difference between Lydia Solutions, Lydia and Sumeria?
Lydia Solutions operates 2 applications:

• Lydia is focused on money pots and payments with friends;

• Sumeria is for all our banking features.

Why is Sumeria aiming to become a bank?
Sumeria aims to transform the banking sector in the same way Uber, Airbnb and Spotify did in their respective industries.

Becoming a bank will enable us to extend the efforts made on payment accounts to all banking products. Becoming the bank that makes you forget about banking!

Why "Sumeria" as a name?
For our ambitious project of creating a major European deposit bank, we have chosen an equally ambitious name: Sumeria. The Sumerians invented writing to maintain their accounts on clay. 55 centuries later, we are continuing that heritage with a reliable, durable and convenient application.

What does Sumeria change for me?
Sumeria aims to make managing your money simple and intuitive:

• A streamlined interface free of unnecessary distractions and jargon, where almost all you need is just 1 click away

• A web interface so you can keep track of your accounts on your computer too

• Simplified budget management thanks to a digitalized version of the envelope budgeting method

• Transaction analysis tools and assisted savings, with helpful advice and automatic transfer mechanisms...

...but also interest-bearing payment accounts*, a first in France!

* Subject to 15 card payments per month.

What does ISBS stand for?
ISBS stands for "Intuitive and Secured Banking System" and is the domain name used for Lydia Solutions' communications (which brings together Sumeria and Lydia).